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I cannot thank each of you enough for your help. With this being my first "celebrity" experience, you all made it very easy and I truly appreciate all you did.
Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce

WME could not have been more efficient, more understanding, nor better prepared. The event turned out to be spectacular and due in large measure to their professionalism and diligence. We could not have been more pleased!
Association for Financial Professionals
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Captain Paul Watson
Star of Animal Planet's Whale Wars
Marine Wildlife Conservationist, Activist, Author
Perhaps the most controversial conservationist of our time, Captain Paul Watson has championed marine wildlife for more than four decades - on the high seas, in the courts, in international forums, and in the classroom. He is a master mariner, author, lecturer, teacher, and marine conservationist.

At the age of ten, Paul Watson began his career rescuing beavers from leg-hold traps. In 1972 Captain Watson became a co-founder of Greenpeace. Fiver years later, he founded Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and he has led Sea Shepherd into hundreds of high seas campaigns and overseen its growth in forty countries.

He has been threatened, beaten, jailed, and exiled, yet he continues to champion the cause of protecting marine life, from the tiniest zoo-plankton to the great whales.

Captain Watson is guided by a singular truth: if the oceans die, we die! Humanity and civilization cannot survive on this planet with a dead ocean. Captain Jacques Cousteau said that the oceans are dying in our times, and Watson has launched a movement that seeks to inspire passionate people to harness their courage, their imagination, and their resolve to defend life and bio-diversity in our oceans. Captain Watson believes that we all have the power to make a difference, and he has demonstrated how this can be done with his ships and crews taking action from the Southern Ocean to the Arctic in their campaigns to stop illegal whaling, shark-finning, sealing, overfishing, and pollution. Commanding six ships in three different oceans with hundreds of volunteers from dozens of different nations, Captain Watson has pioneered a movement of people willing to take the necessary risks to save our Ocean.

In recent years, Captain Watson has attracted a following as the star of the Animal Planet docu-reality TV series, Whale Wars, now in its seventh season. Over the years, he has received dozens of awards for his conservation work. Among many accolades, he is the recipient of the Jules Verne Award and the Philippe Cousteau Award, was designated as one of President George H.W. Bush's "Daily Points of Light," was named by The Guardian (UK) newspaper as "one of 50 people who could save the planet," and was selected by TIME magazine as one of the Top 20 environmental heroes of the 20th Century.

He has no plans to retire.


Speaking Topics

On the Front Lines With Paul Watson

A renowned speaker, accomplished author, master mariner, and lifelong environmentalist and activist, Captain Watson sails the high seas with a dedicated volunteer crew enforcing international conservation laws under the UN World Charter for Nature. Frequently covered in the media for his dedication to ocean conservation issues, he is the hero of the hit Animal Planet TV series Whale Wars.  

Watson has lectured all over the world, engaging audiences with his fascinating stories. Whether the topic is activism, the law, ecology, conservation, the environment, travel, or what it’s really like on the front lines of Whale Wars, Watson tailors his presentations to each group and is a courageous inspiration the world over.


Accolades & Praise

Cal State Fullerton

Captain Watson was wonderful! So gracious with his fans and he gave a wonderful keynote. People were talking about it all day. It really made a big impact having him at the event. Please make sure he knows how moved the students were to have him there. It meant the world.

Iowa State University

What devoted fans he has! There was a lively exchange over his dinner with the students planning the World Affairs Series, then 300 attended the lecture on one of our busiest nights of the semester.  He was kind enough to stay late signing books, answering questions, and posing for photographs with audience members. We received emails about his upcoming visit from all over the Midwest!


Notable Works

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Seal Wars: Twenty-five Years on the Front Lines with the Harp Seals
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Ocean Warrior: My Battle to End the Illegal Slaughter on the High Seas

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