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I cannot thank each of you enough for your help. With this being my first "celebrity" experience, you all made it very easy and I truly appreciate all you did.
Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce

WME could not have been more efficient, more understanding, nor better prepared. The event turned out to be spectacular and due in large measure to their professionalism and diligence. We could not have been more pleased!
Association for Financial Professionals
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Bill Courtney
Inspiring Coach, Entrepreneur
Star of Academy Award-winning documentary "UNDEFEATED"
Set in inner-city Memphis, the Academy Award-winning documentary Undefeated chronicles the Manassas Tigers' 2009 football season, on and off-the-field, as they strive to win the first playoff game in the high school's 110-year history.

A perennial whipping boy, Manassas had gone so far as to sell their home games to the highest bidder, and severely underfunded and underprivileged, they were even hired out as a practice team for more successful schools. All that changed when Bill Courtney, a former high school football coach turned successful lumber salesman, volunteered to lend a hand.
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Speaking Topics

What Is Success?

According to Courtney, football doesn't build character. It reveals character. When Bill Courtney began volunteering to coach a local losing football team, neither he nor the players knew how far they'd go, but their journey together became an inspiring lesson.The players soon realized that Courtney would not let them slide when it came to the fundamentals. Not just of football, but of the actions that count in the real world: commitment, dedication, integrity.The same traits that Courtney encouraged of his players have proven themselves in his business success as well. Having started a lumber business from his living room, Courtney turned it into a $40 million enterprise that currently does business all over the world. Even when the recession hit, Courtney's business thrived. "Walking the talk" of hard work, integrity and dedication, he believes that if you do the right thing, profits will follow.

According to Courtney, to do the right thing, you need to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Deserve Success, Serve Others and Outwork Everyone Else. His discipline, combined with true caring, showed his team that true success isn't about trophies or awards on a shelf. It's about living life by a set of values one can be proud of long after their days on the field were over.

For Faith Based Groups

Bill Courtney volunteered as a football coach, but he became a father figure to the players as well. Most came from broken homes, and having grown up without a father himself, Courtney could relate to their situation.His personal faith had always sustained him, and as he grew and started his own family, it continued to be a cornerstone of the tools for living he successfully employs.


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Accolades & Praise

USOC Paralympic Leadership Conference presented by Deloitte

-"Bill Courtney was FANTASTIC!” 

-"Bill Courtney was one of the best speakers I have ever seen…" 

-"This was a GREAT message!" 

-"Undefeated was amazing, and I'm still hearing Bill's message about getting out of your comfort zone even weeks after his speech.  He was awesome…"

Barrett School of Banking

This is an enthusiastic recommendation for Bill Courtney. Our audience is comprised of bankers and business leaders, and in years past we've hosted nationally renowned figures including: Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Fred Smith (Founder/Chairman/CEO of FedEx), Coach Tony Dungy, Dr. Stephen Covey, Dick Vitale and many more.  I am pleased to share that Bill Courtney rated on par (if not better) than all of them.

The words "real", "authentic", "sincere", and "compassionate" were the most prevalent descriptions of Bill's performance. The overall themes of their lectures were somewhat similar (teamwork/success/leadership), but what made Bill's story more believable and/or relatable was the dramatic difference in the group he represented.  He wasn't coaching All-Americans, Hall of Famers, or millionaires; he was giving his whole heart, body, and soul to a group of inner city kids who needed hope more than anything. 

The passion of his off the cuff responses during the Q&A was inspiring. As I asked the crowd to show their appreciation, you would have thought the theater seats were on fire!  It was definitely the most heartfelt standing ovation I can remember.  The audience felt he had given them his all. 

After the lecture, Bill joined us for a reception in which we had a receiving line (for pictures, autographs, etc.).  He was even more engaging then.  To think someone that is not as well known (at least not yet) as Hall of Fame coaches/broadcasters could garner such respect and admiration as to have people stand in an hour-long line for pictures on a hot afternoon, is truly incredible.  I have to say that the reception lines for our previous speakers were no greater than Bill's. 

Having Bill Courtney as our keynote speaker was a success in every way!

FedEx Leadership Live Conference

Bill Courtney presented today and it was absolutely, positively outstanding! We had a capacity crowd of over 450 and his message, as well as his presentation, was simply riveting. So very outstanding!

-"I've been employed by FedEx for over 25 years and this is the best speaker presentation I've ever heard"


-"He taught me to look at leadership in an entirely different light. Thank you for arranging for Bill to come."

- "His quote on 'the things you do for yourself go to the grave with you, but the things you do for others live forever' will stay with me for a long time.

-"Thank you for bringing this dynamic speaker."

-"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!"

-"This was by far the best leadership presentation ever. Bill Courtney understands true servant leadership."-"Awesome!"

-"He rocked all around. One of the best speakers ever. I was incredibly impressed."

-"Such an inspirational speaker! Motivational, straightforward and entertaining."

-"A speaker who practices what he speaks. How refreshing. GREAT JOB!"

-"Bill was terrific. His life lessons were relevant to our everyday life and work."

-"Far exceeded expectations."

-"One of the best speakers on leadership I've heard. Thought provoking and genuine."

-"Would be hard to top Bill Courtney!"

-"Was very beneficial in recognizing the difference one person can make in improving the lives of others by getting out of their comfort zones."

-"One of the most genuine speakers I've heard in a long time! Hats off to whoever decided to engage him"


-"Easy to listen to and challenged everyone to think about how they're currently handling not just their job, but their family and community activities.

-"Taught me to look at leadership in a different light. I could sit through his presentation several more times. Thanks for bringing him to this event."

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Bill Courtney is real and relevant, with a transparent soul and the heart of a champion.  His ability to be in your face and you like it gives him a voice worthy of being heard.  His message connects and challenges everyone to serve and lead without pretense or pride.  Bill wowed the room and touched hearts."

St. Jude's Children's Hospital

He was personable, relatable, was quick to understand who the audience was, what they could benefit most from hearing about. He was excellent in tailoring his presentation to the mood and setting of the room. He delivered more than I had even hoped for. His story is inspirational, his style effective, and his results are excellent.


Thanks so much for suggesting him to me.


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