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I cannot thank each of you enough for your help. With this being my first "celebrity" experience, you all made it very easy and I truly appreciate all you did.
Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce

WME could not have been more efficient, more understanding, nor better prepared. The event turned out to be spectacular and due in large measure to their professionalism and diligence. We could not have been more pleased!
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Caine Monroy
10-Year Old Creator of Caine's Arcade
The story of Caine Monroy and how he spent his summer vacation building an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad's used auto parts store has become not only an internet phenomenon, it has exploded into a worldwide movement that celebrates creativity, entrepreneurship, community and the power of social media.

Caine's dream of having lots of customers visit his wonderful arcade didn't seem likely. His dad's auto parts store is located in an industrial part of East LA and gets almost zero foot traffic. But through it all, Caine kept at it, designing games, prizes and passes for the customers. The few walk-in customers that came through were always in too much of a hurry to get their auto part to play Caine's Arcade. But Caine never gave up.
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The Story of Caine’s Arcade

All Caine Monroy wanted was for some people to come and play in his homemade arcade.  What he got has become so much more.  Via a short film posted on the internet just a few short months ago, Caine Monroy has become an internet sensation.  But more than just a kid with a cute idea, Caine has become an example of what is possible in today's digital age. In this moderated Q&A format, Caine shares the story behind his idea, vision and dream that has become a wonderful example of human connection and what amazing things can happen when people join together to help someone fulfill a dream.




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Caine's Arcade Is Closing as Boy Pursues New Dream


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Weekend: Caine's Arcade Party

NBC Los Angeles
Caine Monroy won fans around the planet with his East LA arcade. Now he's retiring from his arcade, which will live on, and throwing an 11th birthday bash, on Saturday, Aug. 3.
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Caine's Arcade Is Closing as Boy Pursues New Dream

NBC Los Angeles
Caine Monroy, the imaginitive young boy whose cardboard arcade made him an instant Internet sensation, is growing up, and apparently so is his business savvy. Two years after building Caine's Arcade in his father's autoshop in Boyle Heights and thousands of visitors later, the 10-year-old is shutting down his operation and embarking on a new entrepreneurial adventure: a bicycle shop.
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Caine's Arcade Founder Pays TEDxYouth Knowledge Forward

Upstart Business Journal
During the last nine months, Caine Monroy has become taller and wiser. Since he was featured in Nirvan Mullick's "Caine's Arcade" video last year, Monroy has become a shining example of what happens when we encourage kids' imaginations.
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