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I cannot thank each of you enough for your help. With this being my first "celebrity" experience, you all made it very easy and I truly appreciate all you did.
Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce

WME could not have been more efficient, more understanding, nor better prepared. The event turned out to be spectacular and due in large measure to their professionalism and diligence. We could not have been more pleased!
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Ken Burns
Acclaimed Documentary Filmmaker
Ken Burns has directed and produced some of the most acclaimed historical documentaries ever made. The Baltimore Sun said, "Burns is not only the greatest documentarian of the day, but also the most influential filmmaker period. That includes feature filmmakers like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. I say that because Burns not only turned millions of persons onto history with his films, he showed us a new way of looking at our collective past and ourselves."

His landmark series The Civil War was the highest rated series in the history of American Public Television and attracted an audience of 40 million during its premiere in September 1990.
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Speaking Topics

Race in America

For more than 30 years, Burns has been dealing with the theme of race in his uniquely American documentaries.  Now, in the age of Obama, he looks back from the perspective of monumental change in the country to reflect where we’ve been.  With several clips from earlier films.

The National Parks: A Treasure House of Nature’s Superlatives

Burns discusses the great gift of our national parks.  Here both “the immensity and the intimacy of time” merge, as we appreciate what the parks have added to our collective and individual spirit.  This presentation includes a 13-minute clip of Burns' film The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

Sharing the American Experience

Ken Burns reminds the audience of the timeless lessons of history, and the enduring greatness and importance of the United States in the course of human events.  Incorporating The Civil War, Baseball and Jazz, Burns engages and celebrates what we share in common.  No clips.

No Ordinary Lives

Drawing on some of Lincoln's most stirring words as inspiration, this speech engages the paradox of war by following the powerful themes in two of Ken Burns's best known works--"The Civil War", his epic retelling of the most important event in American history, and "The War", his intensely moving story of WWII told through the experiences of so-called ordinary people from four geographically distributed American towns.  Opens with Norah Jones 5-minute “American Anthem” clip from The War.

VIDEO: Maverick Speakers Series: Ken Burns

VIDEO: Ken Burns - Video Tribute - News & Documentary Emmy Awards


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